Aspiring to combine big game viewing with Palm-Fringed Beaches in Zanzibar – Tanzania is an easier task with Global Vacanza Tours and Safaris than you think.  Our Tour Expert will help you to prepare your desired top picks of where to go on a safari and beach holiday while visiting Tanzania. GVTS will take you from iconic game reserves to sun-warmed islands, Luxury, family-friendly and honeymoon. Perfect itineraries are all available and prepared based on a tailor made approach.

GVTS will be responsible for selecting the most popular safari and beach holidays in Zanzibar for you which will enable you  to have more time exploring the Tanzania beauty including visiting Zanzibar archipelago.

As your delightful Tanzania safari will be combined with Zanzibar Archipelago– the Spice Island trips once booked, this will give you a chance to tour different wildlife destinations and enjoy a beach holiday to Zanzibar. This will make your Tanzania safari a blast.

Zanzibar is a truly superb island that offers some of the finest tropical beaches within Africa. As its name suggests, the Island fascinated travellers’ minds over the years and definitely lives up to expectations. Known as the Spice Island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is overflowing with culture and history, seemingly at odds with its idyllic geography of white-sand beaches with palms influencing lazily in the sea breeze. Together this makes Zanzibar an excellent place to travel around as well as a dream to relax and unwind. Alongside the idyllic, crystal clear sea and vibrant reefs, excellent for diving, the island has ironic cultural and historical offering, particularly within the old Stone Town.

As Zanzibar being very combinable with a safari in East Africa, it tends to be an ideal beach that adds travelling value to safaris in Tanzania and the rest of east Africa countries. The place offers a real mix of accommodation choices with many preferences ranging from the smaller boutique lodges offering a true Zanzibarian experience to big hotel and lodges. Moreover, there are one or two resort-style hotels that offer a broader choice of activities and are often more suitable for families staying.

The Zanzibar archipelago’s turquoise seas are as stunning below as above the water stripes permitting some magnificent diving by many travelers. Green turtles, Manta rays, hawksbill plus barracudas add to the array of color with opportunities for wall dives nearer Mafia and Pemba.  In recent years, Zanzibar has seen a growth in visitor numbers but fortunately has remained relatively unspoiled or exploited. To really enjoy your time on the island it is important to find the right style and character of accommodation that meets your preference. Expect to be exposed to large mainstream resorts, small exclusive hideaways-busy “backpackers” beach huts, and private boutique guesthouses.

As you plan to visit Zanzibar, kindly keep in mind that Zanzibar is also one of the world’s premier locations for seeing the ocean’s biggest fish, the whale shark. Mnemba Island is a 4.5 miles (7km) reef that is a preservation success story, where turtles, dolphins, and whale sharks can be seen in the months starting from September to December.

Tanzania is a top choice for definitive luxury safaris in Africa. This means that you visitors can experience wonderful services as sleeping under canvas on the Serengeti Plains and track the wildebeest migration or stay in a safari lodge balanced on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater – an antique volcanic caldera crowded with big game.

What better than to round off these extraordinary safari experiences with a few days on the beaches of Zanzibar, the exotic Spice Island – Zanzibar – lying just off Tanzania’s sandy coast. For a more exclusive sand-between-your-toes experience, stay on Pemba Island or private Mnemba Island – one of the World’s top diving journey’s end.