Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking


Mount Meru  Trekking to a dormant volcano mountain located 70 kilometres west of Mount Kilimanjaro is taken within three to four days. At an elevation of 4,562.13 metres above sea level, the Mount  is visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on clear days – days without clouds. Mount Meru is counted to be the fifth-highest of the highest mountain peaks of Africa.

This mountain has a complete standalone hike in it of itself; it serves as a great warm up for climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro. The crowds that can plague Kilimanjaro are non-existent in Mount Meru. This situation allows solitary, peaceful trek as well as taking accommodations in wood huts.

There are justifiable reasons to include Mount Meru Trekking into your Tanzania explorations package because of its unique experiences. Unfortunately, this volcano mount – the Mount Meru is often shadowed by Kilimanjaro as it is located in the immediate vicinity; it attracts the most national and international hikers by making it a secondary hiking destination or a warm-up exercise. The majority of hikers, however, ignore it altogether by opting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We GVTS, firmly believe that Mt Meru hiking will be a great adventure by itself because of its wonderful geological structure and beauty sceneries.

The base of Mount Meru is generally occupied by Arusha national Park –the wildlife ecosystem. Most wild animals are located at the lower base-slopes of the mountain that lead inside the park. While being at this area will be a greater chance for you to spot clusters of animals grazing freely. When start ascending the mountain, and when descending near Momella Gate you will be escorted by an armed ranger partly to protect you against any wildlife threats. The trail normally follows the north rim of the crater, along a dramatic ridgeline side. Once being at the summit, you will experience the views of Mount Kilimanjaro and down into Meru crater. This will be a really unforgettable experience in your life every thought.

GVTS offers Mount Meru trekking service in a four day private climb. We often combined climbers and operators together to walk with the armed ranger on the lower slopes.

Mount Meru trekking is ideal for altitude acclimatization because of its physiological structure. When managed to trek Mount Meru you may elect to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a lower number of days because of the trekking experience gained from climbing Mount Meru. Many people who climb the mountains have a quiet preference for the retiring Mount Meru. Although the Mount Meru is about 4,000 feet lower than Mount Kilimanjaro, the Mountain is still very tall. We give you this information in order for you not to underestimate the mount. Altitude acclimatization will still be the key to a successful summit Meru. GVTS is ready and available to help you climb the Mount Meru successfully.

Mount Meru Trekking Interventions in Days

Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), you will meet GVTS driver who will take you to the hotel in Arusha. The hotel booked will provide to you all the essentials for a comfortable stay, such as: cozy rooms, Internet access, hot water, a swimming pool, and a helpful staff. In the evening, an orientation session with our tour coordinators – Mountain Specialist will take place to ensure that you are ready to begin the spectacular Mount Meru Trekking work.

In the morning of day 2 you will go to Arusha National Park, and then straight to the trailhead. The ride takes approximately 2-3 hours. You will experience multiple encounters with giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, gazelle and other.

At Momella Gate the GVTS guides will arrange and manage the entry permit formalities for you, and you will start trekking to Miriakamba Huts. Expect to see wild animals such as warthogs, zebras, monkeys, antelopes and, sometimes, elephants as you will be on a way ascending. Hot lunch will be served upon arrival at Miriakamba Huts. There you may rest for an hour while exploring the surroundings.

Trekking Tips at this stage

      • ELEVATION                            1,387 m to 2,514 m
      • HIKING TIME                        5-6 hours
      • DISTANCE                               10 km
      • DIFFICULTY                           Medium
      • HABITAT                                 Meadows and rainforest

After the breakfast, you will immediately start trekking to Saddle Hut Camp. The rainforest zone that you experienced since you start your trail will end soon. This place is dominated with heath and moorland with large trees. The trail will open amazing panoramic vistas.

Upon reaching the Saddle Hut Camp, those who are willing and energetic enough may reach the Little Meru Peak, further boosting your acclimatization transition. Our team will serve hot lunch and dinner in the camp.

Trekking Tips At  this Stage

      • ELEVATION                            2,514 m to 3,570 m
      • HIKING TIME                        4-5 hours
      • DISTANCE                              8 km
      • DIFFICULTY                          Medium
      • HABITAT                                 Moorland

In a day 4, you will be advised to accept a midnight wake-up and starts trekking to the Socialist Peak. Get prepared for a tough and strenuous hike – the legs to Rhino Point and Cobra points are especially precipitous. Be careful!

You will reach Socialist Peak (4,565 m/14,977 m) by sunrise, where you’ll have true visual euphoria – thrilling panoramic sceneries around and mesmerizing sunrise.

After the summit time, you will start descend to Miriakamba Hut for a hot lunch, and then to Momella Gate where GVTS car will pick you and transfer to the hotel in Arusha Again.

Trekking Tips At This Stage

      • ELEVATION                                        3,570 m to 4,565 m, 4,565 m to 1,387 m
      • HIKING TIME                                    12-14 hours
      • DISTANCE                                           19 km
      • DIFFICULTY                                       Medium
      • HABITAT                                             Heath, Alpine, Rainforest

Rest in the hotel for sometimes before been transferred to the airport.

    1. All Park fees, Rescue fees, Camping fees and Picnic lunches.
    2. All transfers as Indicated in the itinerary for this package,
    3. Hotel overnight after trek in Arusha.
    4. Accommodations based on double occupancy – Sleeping in the dome tents.
    5. Meals as per the above itinerary – 3 Meals a day for both Vegetarians and Non vegetarians.
    6. Services of GVTS staff throughout. The cook will be responsible for your 3 delicious meals a day.
    7. Services of a Senior GVTS Trekking Guides and assistance guide.
    8. All baggage handling – Recommended weight for clients’ backpack to be carried up the mountain is 15kgs. Kindly allow 5 kg for personal daypacks including Cameras.
    9. We will provide you 1 licensed guide and 1 assistant guides who have received training from Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park Instructors for this trekking.
    10. Transfers to the gate before and After Trek to Arusha.
    11. Services of Bright Safaris Camping equipment. These are Tents, Sleeping mattress, camping table and chairs etc.
    1. Soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits (as well as gifts like local crafts etc)
    2. Any local and international flights tickets (airline).
    3. Tips for staff such as guides, porters and the cook staff
    4. Fees for passport, visas, immunizations and insurance
    5. Meals and expenses en route to Tanzania
    6. Laundry, phone and other items of a personal nature
    7. We advices our clients to bring their own first Aid Kit.

For Budget Camping Safari:      food supplied (Menu)

Breakfast package will include: 

Fruit, Fruit juice, eggs, bread/French toast/plain toast/pancakes.margarine/jam/honey/peanut-butter,cereals/porridge,Milo Pancakes, Oats, Omelette’s, tea/coffee

Picnic lunches:  

Sliced carrot & cucumber strips, seasonal fruits, boiled eggs, vegetable/meat cutlets, sandwiches (egg/cheese/tuna/tomato)


Soup (Mushroom/cucumber soup, Pumpkin soup/chicken/vegetable) bread, a meat dish, rice/pasta/potatoes, Fish curry/Noodles, vegetable dishes(Vegetable Kish etc, fruit, some local dishes which we are sure they will be more interested to you.


Bush made cake accompanied with local Brewed Tanzanian coffee, Tea, Cup of hot Chocolate, Milo’s etc.



Below is the list of the gears that you should bring with you for trekking.


Mt. Boots, Socks – at least 4/5 pairs (This must be thin and thick ones) 1 pair of gaiters, Sandal/open shoes,(optional)


1 thermal (warm) trousers, 1 thermal (warm) long underwear, 1 wind/water proof trousers.


2 or 1 long sleeved thermal shirts, 1 thermal T-shits, 1 thermal jacket or sweater, 1 down jacket, preferable wool attached one.


1 pc of roll foam or air mattress and 1 warm sleeping bag.


1 head lump and spare batteries, 1 pair or 1 pc of walking sticks, 1 pair of sunglasses or ice goggles, Sun block cream or Lotion, Lipstick cream, First Aid Kit, Camera + films with its spare batteries, passport book, a day pack, a rucksack or safari bag.


Drinking water bottle (NALGEN) or any other brand like SIGG or optional, camel pack.

Note: These Items can be also hired here in Arusha or Kilimanjaro before your Trek,