Masai Mara Game Reserve (also known as Masai Mara or The Mara) is located within the Great Rift Valley in the southern part of Kenya. Its size is approximately to be 1510 square Kilometers (approx. 938sq. miles). This is free land savannah grassland and is roughly estimated to be 150 miles southeast of Nairobi. The name of Maasai Mara was derived from the indigenous people of Kenya – the Maasai tribe – and the Mara River that cuts through the park. This park provides the best view of the famous wildebeest migration as the animals cross the Mara River between July and August repeatedly every year. The Mara is also the home to the opulence concentration of wildlife, including the “Big Five” (elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos, and buffalo), zebras, antelope, giraffes, warthogs, gazelles, gnus, Orbis, hyenas, hartebeests, hippos, crocodiles and others. The park also has the principal concentration of African lions, including the black-maned lion. Birdlife is also as plentiful as wildlife at the Masai Mara which is claimed to be over 400 different bird species in the park. The park experiences a hot and dry climate with a regular rainy season twice a year. The park’s geography structure is mainly open savannah (grassland) with collections of acacia trees along the southeastern area of the park. The Mara and Talek rivers refined the rolling plains of the reserve. Myriad seasonal rivers appear during the rainy season but dry out once the rains end. Maasai Mara National Reserve does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS); instead, it is managed by the local county council of Narok district.


The Masai Mara Game Reserve is among the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing and Game safaris. Game driving is the greatest way to understand the park. This activity takes place all over the year round. If you are interested in the big cats on your Kenyan safari, you are highly guaranteed to spot them at this park – Masai Mara. All of the “Big Five” animals – Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Rhinos, and Buffalo – can be found there. However, the population of black rhinos is higher and Herds of plains zebras are found throughout the park. These include the Masai giraffes, common giraffes, white-bearded gnus, jackals, Orbis, warthogs, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, hyenas, bat-eared foxes, hartebeests, rare Topi antelope and beautiful roan antelope. Hippos and crocodiles are highly spotted in the Mara River.