What is the best season for safaris in Tanzania?

Just about any time of year, however, the most popular seasons are mid-December to mid-March and August to mid the end of October. This is because of the demand for Christmas and winter holidays and the summer school breaks. An increasing number of visitors are realizing that June and November is ideal, benefiting from lower visitor numbers. GVTS offers some safaris with greatly reduced or no single supplements in the months of April and May.  Also, GVTS may well be able to offer some good discounts for larger groups during this period – please contact us for details.

When and where can I see “The Great Migration?

The millions of wildebeest, zebras and Gazelles are always somewhere, but they are not always in large herds and on the move. Their location is largely dependent on the weather which can vary considerably from year to year.  In general the herds begin to cross into Masai Mara in July and continue through August.  They remain in the region until the beginning of December when they follow the rains southward back into Serengeti National Park.
They can move in enormously long single file lines or in huge herds. For more information click this link.

Can I have a private vehicle when book with GVTS?

Yes. All safaris can be booked with the exclusive use of a vehicle for your party.   A custom safari for two clients is significantly more expensive per person than seats on a similar small group safari.  However, on a custom safari with an exclusive vehicle, the costs for the vehicle and driver/ guide are divided to a number of clients sharing the vehicle. Therefore, costs per person safari reduces the more clients that are sharing the vehicle (maximum in one vehicle is usually 7 but on request, such as for families with children, we can carry up to 8). For more clarification, kindly email us.

Can I have my own itinerary?

If you are arranging an exclusive vehicle (custom) safari, then you are free to arrange whatever itinerary you choose within logistical constraints. GVTS presents a small selection of proven itinerary favorable in this website. We can arrange any required itinerary subject to practical and logistical considerations and will be pleased to discuss and quote for your special package and requirements. For more clarification, kindly email us

Should I take a camping safari?

As GVTS operates camping safari in Tanzania, however, we can arrange your super safari using a number of tented camps that will provide you a great holiday experience under canvas.

Can I take a safari as a single traveller?

Yes, you can take a single travelling but this will be bit expensive for you. GVTS is strongly advising customers to feel free asking for technical safari advices when planning for their safari to visit Tanzania in order to give them best proposition for their safaris. Depending on customers’ budget, we advises customers to be ready for joint safari departures lather than opting private safari.

Are safaris suitable for children?

A safari is a wonderful trip for any child old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. On most safaris there are quite long trips on rough roads, and these cannot really be recommended for babies and very young children. Children fewer than 12 will benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines, and many lodges will provide an additional bed for a child sharing a room with parents at a reduced cost. Kindly note this, some luxury small capacity tented camps do not allow children younger than 12 years old.