family safaris

Family Safaris

Family safaris as they include almost all family members are purely enjoyable and exciting not only for your family but also for our safari guides as well as the entire GVTS family. A family safari is pure enjoyment as parents will be watching children’s excitement and snooping on every aspect of being in Tanzania. GVTS’s commitment is to design a private itinerary critically for your enjoyment and satisfaction as the whole family.

Far from GVTS’s tour expert being well informed and aware of different packages that suit family safaris, we really understand that parents comprehend their child’s interest more than us. They really knew the needs and behaviors of their children as compared to others. Having known this, GVTS normally offers the opportunity for parents to advise us in terms of what will work better for their family when we will be developing a tailor-made package for safari families.

GVTS has had children as young as two years old on its number during family safaris. With this experience, we will be available to speak to you about how to design an itinerary for any age and level of interest to your family members. We understand that some children are already passionate about wildlife fanatics while others may find it difficult spending so much time in a vehicle looking for interesting sights. From this understand, GVTS normally takes the time to get to know you and your children and listen to the experiences everyone is hoping to have, and then advises accordingly.  Just after getting to know each other, GVTS tour experts will propose and or suggest an itinerary for family safaris that will allow your children to enjoy each day and yet have the time they might need to refresh and absorb the experiences that Tanzania has offered them.

Below are examples of some activities planned for family safaris.

  1. Call appointments and establish visits to local schools with various levels of participation during family safaris.
  2. Provide a correspondent letter in advance of the family safaris so that children can establish a relationship with a local family.
  3. Schedule a time to meet the corresponding families during their family safaris time in Tanzania.
  4. Facilitate various cultural visits during family safaris to different tribes to get a sense of the unique diversity of Tanzania’s ethnic groups and their remarkable harmony with one another.
  5. Arrange a field talk with researchers from either – The Frankfurt Zoological Society, the Cheetah Watch, the Serengeti Elephant Project, or the Serengeti Lion Project.
  6. Guided bush walks in certain locations during family safaris.
  7. Visit orphanage centers.
  8. Provide a unique Maasai experience and other native societies.
  9. Children and family members had the opportunity to observe and interact in the morning rituals and activities of a Maasai village, including milking the cattle and assisting the Maasai boys and men to bring goats and cattle out for graze. This particular activity has been the highlight for several family safaris as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adults and children alike.