cultural experience


Cultural Experience as Cultural Tourism in Tanzania is a very unique intervention as it adds something with value to tourists mind beyond just seeing wild animals and birds, wonderful geological features and vegetation. The session will benefit you and everyone in the trip as you will earn an unforgettable and unique experience. Moreover, local people visited will as well get something to boost their standard of living within their community. Cultural Safari will always create closer contacts and feel to African way of life and local involvement.

Having been blessed to have safari to local areas in different locations, you will be able to hear different vernacular languages as well as sound pitches and natural appearance of native people in communities which has meanings to their life styles. GVTS believe that cultural tourism will excite you during your visitation in Tanzania.

It is better to know this earlier; most native societies which will be visited during your tour are living in bushes crossed with wild animals. Some do scramble for food (meat) with wild animals – Datoga tribe who eat Monkeys. You will also see Sonjo people who eat grain and honey as well as the Maasai tribe who live and graze their cattle and goats mingled with wild –herbivorous inside Ngorongoro Crater.  The Maasai tribe has remained among few tribes in the world who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore. The Maasai are semi-nomadic and pastoral who live by herding cattle and goats and they live in co-existence wildlife. For sure this will be very exciting to you. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area embedded Lake Eyasi and other surrounding areas inherited by Hadzabe Bushmen who subsisted entirely from the wild. People of this tribe communicate by clicks and whistles. Mbulu and Datoga pastoral and farming tribes were ousted centuries ago from lands now occupied by the Maasai have now settled there.

As larger wild animals live together with Maasai people, they may appear before you during your visitation, don’t worry, you will only be able to observe them from your eye level and remain safe from danger all time. Safety is not an issue as we have armed, experienced guides and game rangers who will accompany you all the time you will be walking. Their main role is to assure your safety during your Tanzania cultural tour.

The combination of Wildlife Safaris and Culture tour – Cultural Experience will be a tremendous and amazing experience for you when you decide to make use of it. As you know, Tanzania as an apex of African safari destinations that travelers and explorers should never miss on their travel plans, GVTS will help you design best safari packaged – (Tailor Made Packages) and lead your safaris to most popular destinations. Tanzania has beautiful and very interesting destinations for walking safaris such as Ngorongoro highlands, Usambara Mountain, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria zone these are few among the best cultural and walking destinations in Tanzania. GVTS will be the best solution for your desires as it will offer and guarantee you pleasant experiences in your Tanzania holiday.