With different Best Wildlife Safaris Packages, GVTS has committed to offering unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs) services that have a resilient commitment to helping communities to benefit from tourism across Tanzania. Beyond just hiring Tanzanians to cover and execute all operational positions in the company, The Management of GVTS has carefully identified and committed to supporting Societies Transformational and Welfare Improvement – STAWI”, the organization, working to promote livelihood development through tackling challenging issues affecting children, youth and women in Tanzania because of its integrity and ability to measure their success and their transparency in donations (donor funds) and audits.


STAWI is the short form of “Societies Transformation and Welfare Improvement”. This is the registered Non-Governmental Organization (NG)) with the scope of operations entitled to cover the whole of Tanzania under the mandate power given by The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Seniors and Children – Tanzania. The goal of STAWI is “To empower Tanzanian communities /societies at a level of individuals, households, developmental groups as well as Member Based Organization (MBOs), Faith-Based Organization (FBOs), Civil Society Organizations(CSOs), Farmer Based Organization (FBOs) through carrying/executing different development programs/projects which impart knowledge, skills, and capacity in order to transform their lives/communities into positive/good life standards through utilizing resources available at their community levels”. STAWI is currently running a number of projects but its focus is on “Provision of Quality Education in Government Primary Schools in Karatu District and Ngorongoro Districts. STAWI accepts visitors who are interested in learning about the Challenging Issues facing Primary School Students in Tanzania as well as accepting donations of products and services