The Burigi – Chato National Park is situated adjacent to the border of Lake Victoria and a border of Rwanda. This is the fourth largest wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania after Ruaha Serengeti and Nyerere National Parks in terms of the size by having more than 4,707 sq km square kilometer. Burigi-Chato National park is surrounded by incredible waters of the Kagera River and Lake Burigi. The area forming Burigi-Chato National Park was formally (since the 1970’s) identified as game reserves. In addition to that, Burigi-Chato National Park comprises grassland areas of the African Savannah. This iconic destination is set among the symbolic beauty of the lakes and river side which is delight for the eyes of the tourist. It has plenty and varieties of wildlife ranging from carnivores, herbivores to rare species of birds and it is advised to be visited as part of the Tanzania Safari Tours. BurigiChato National Park location is thriving all year round and tourists are keen to see the wondrous beauty of the place.

Extending from Lake Victoria in the East to the Rwandan boundary in the West, Burigi-Chato is vast pieces of wild country encompassing freshwater lakes, long hills, rocky crags along escarpments, deeply set valleys lined with forest, open plains, swamps, rivers, flood plains and hundreds of square kilometres of medium and tall grass wooded savanna – mostly combretum and Terminalia known as Miombo.

The Best time of your safaris at Burigi – Chato National Park

The Burigi – Chato National Park is located nearest to the local town is Chato which has an International Airport, and private charters are possible to an airstrip near the Nkonje Ranger Post beside Lake Burigi, or to the Birahamulo airstrip. Accessibility by road to the park is also possible as the park is connected to close towns including Chato and Karagwe

For more information, The Burigi – Chato National park can be accessed by road after flying from Mwanza or Kagera region (Bukoba) to Chato airport. From there, our guide will take you to Burigi national park by spending 5 hours’ drive on tarmac road to the park. Reaching the place is relatively easy and various public and private transports can be easily retrieved.

Gurigi – Chato National Park has two rainfall peaks, November / December and another in March / April, with dry weather from June to September. The temperature is pleasant with cool nights and warm days. Kindly note that the best time to visit in the Park is from June to September.

The uniqueness of Burigi – Chat National Park

The Burigi – Chat National Park has special features of the wild life of which it has the largest antelopes of the world and the graceful Cape eland. Burigi – Chato National Park is  typically grasslands of the African Savannah and it comprises the other ecosystems of Rwanda Akagera National Park and Uganda’s Kikati game reserve. The rangeland is to the north of the Katungo River and the lake Mburo National park. This National Park is set among the symbolic beauty of the lakes and the riverside which is a delight for the eyes of any tourist.

Key attractions in this National Park are the lakes with Lake Burigi being the 3rd largest lake in the country. It is a long lake with a number of islands in it, inlets and bays along their lengths, some of which are swampy and are home for the rare Sitatunga antelope, and perhaps also the even rarer shoe billed stork.

BurigiChato National Park Animals has a wide collection of wildlife that includes elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, chimpanzees, gorillas and chimpanzees. The park has some rare species of birds found in the Burigi-Biharamulo, Kimisi, Ibanda and Rumanyika National Park and some of them are fish eagles, papyrus ganolek, and bizarre shoebill stork. While being at Burigi – Chato National Park expect to see a numerous number of natural landscapes and magnificent mountainous sceneries. You will also be able to spot varieties of wildlife, the preserved ecological systems and amazing lakes.

Tourist Activities in Burigi –  Chato National Park

There are different activities to do in Burigi-Chato National Park. Some of them are:

      1. Game viewing / drive wildlife Safari
      2. Nature Walking safari
      3. boat excursion
      4. Canoeing in lake Burigi
      5. Photographic safari
      6. sport fishing
      7. camping,
      8. honeymoon safari
      9. hiking
      10. bird watching
      11. cultural safari

The visit to Burigi National Park will make your Tanzania Safari Tours more enriching and fulfilling. Convinced about the place yet? What are you waiting for? Just book a trip to this amazing national park – Welcome.


So far the park is still new the accommodation available is through camping.